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20+ Nail Art Styles You Should Try

A fresh manicure is a great way to add something standout to your look. While we love pink ballet pointe shoes or classic red pointe shoes, why not try something a little more daring for your next manicure? From subtle dainty details to bold designs, there's always something to love this season with these fashion trends - because life is too short for boring nails.
Cute nails are always in style. From a traditional French manicure to a beautiful floral design, nail design has come a long way over the years.

A cute nail design is fun for the holidays or to create a seasonal look.

The easy nail design is designed for everyday use to make your decorating procedure less labor intensive.

1. Abstract design with graphic details

Create a graphic look in this season's most daring look! Choose contrasting colors to make you look your way, or choose similar hues for a more subdued style. Try simple shapes and patterns. You may want to contact a technician if you need a more complex design.

2. CD nails

90s influence with holographic CDs inspired this nail design. This attractive look is easily achieved with a special pigment made up of tiny reflective particles. Start with a transparent color or desired base color, apply a layer of pigment and finish with a transparent top!

3. Beauty in mini details

Most of this year's nail trends are all about patterns, bold color combinations and extravagant details. But simplicity never goes out of style. An example is the combination of white and nude nails with minimal details. If you want something that can be worn every day, this trend is your best bet. The subtle effect of minimalist details on nude or white base nails maintains the aesthetics. You can achieve this by applying clear polish to your prepared nails for a stylish manicure perfect for the office. Or some white patterns on one or two nails of both hands. We love the super subtle details of this nude and white design. 

4. Pearl detail

Recently, there has been a trend towards pearl nails. The reason people love this nail trend is because of its versatility. If you want your nails to look luxurious, stick on lots of small pearls. You can also opt for a simpler option by adding just one pearl per nail. Another way to get pearl nails is to apply iridescent pearl polish on your nails. It's a subtle yet elegant option that's perfect for important occasions.

5. Checkered nails

The cell seems to be everywhere right now and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Imitate the popular plaid at your fingertips to stand out from the crowd and still be on-trend.

6. Zigzag nails

Zigzag nails, sometimes called chevron nails, may look complicated, but they are relatively easy to recreate at home! With just two shades of polish, some duct tape and a little patience, you'll experience this retro manicure in no time!
7. Marble nails
The sophisticated trend is deceptively easy to recreate. Start with one marbled nail, or if you feel more confident, do all of the toes.
8. Animal design
Animal prints are one of those trends that will never go away. While a classic leopard or cheetah is always a safe bet, why not try the season's most popular print: the cow pattern! Celebrities like Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner can't resist this season's daring style, and so can we!
9. Geometric pattern
Another nail trend that will blow your mind this year is the geometric pattern. For those who want to play with triangles and lines, this trend is the best option. It's easy to replicate and you can get creative with it on your nails. Play with different patterns on one to three nails of each hand to make them look more interesting.
10. Double French element
The Double French Element is a modern take on the classic French manicure. And while we will always love a good French mincure, adding another line is a fun way to spice up your nails this season.

11. Color block of French manicure.

Likewise, a light French manicure is a great way to inspire new life in a classic style. It's also a great outlet.

12. One special finger

Elegantly unleash your creativity with just one nail. For this discreet trend, paint all but one of your nails the same solid color of your choice, and make the rest bright! The classic options are a single metallic or glitter nail, but you can try patterns or graphics. The possibilities are endless!

13. Metallic nails

Rock metallic color is very popular this year. This trend works with all your favorite colors so you don't have to settle for a limited set of options. To take it up a level, coffin-shape your nails before applying metallic polish.

14. Space nails

For something out of the ordinary, check out Galaxy Nail Fashion! Galaxy nails are surprisingly easy to make at home, and due to their abstract nature, you can't mess it up!

15. Jeweled Nails

Inspired by Cardi B's famous inlaid reference nails, jeweled nails are very popular this season. Pebbles and crystals of various sizes are applied to the nails in such quantity to give a radiant look that they practically flow off them.
16. Pastel nails
This is one of the trends that will never lose its popularity. Choose from trendy pastel colors like lavender, mint, yellow or pink for cute yet chic toes any day of the week.
17. Green nails
For a manicure that will turn your face green with envy, choose this season's hottest shade: green! From emerald to mint to neon green, there are shades in lush color to suit every mood and occasion.

18. Pastel Rainbow

Why choose one shade when you can wear them all? Pastel rainbow nails are a popular playful trend among stars and ordinary people this season. Try different rainbow colors on each nail, or go for different shades of the same color.
19. Gradient pastels.
A few years ago, ombre made a splash in the hair world, and now you can rock this trend at your fingertips. Highlight your regular manicure at your next opportunity with this pastel gradient.
20. Nude and Neon
Give your classic sheer manicure an unexpected twist with neon shades! The contrasting trend is perfect for trying your hand at neon shades without feeling like your nails are flashy.

21. Bead hearts

Beading is one of the 3D nail design trends. Paint your nails in alternating colors of soft pink and soft blue. Make a pink beaded heart surrounded by blue beads on your middle or ring finger.

22. Navy nails

If you love navy blue, this striped white pattern is truly striking. A miniature heart will make the design patriotic.
23. Diagonal manicure
This pink manicore is a bit unusual. Instead of a straight line, the pink diagonal creates a flip effect.

24. Fire ombre

Start with a yellow base, then add bright reds and oranges for a hot flame effect!

25. Red and silver manicure

This pretty manicure is perfect for Christmas and Valentine's Day. Or for those who just love red. Cover your nails with a metallic or apple red base. Then make silver glittery moons on the tops that look elegant and go with any special occasion.